Occupy Till I Come
     Everywhere you go people are talking about 2012.  It seems that many centuries ago the ancient Mayans were able to extend their calendar only until the year 2012.  It is not known if they had a reason for ending it that year or if they just “ran out of paper.”  Nevertheless, someone found the Mayan calendar with its final date of 2012 and now people all over the world who have a thirst for something sensationally “spiritual” are drinking from this well.

Christian brethren, this a time when the harvest is ripe!  Ask God to make you one of the “laborers”…though they may be few.  God has designed man with a hunger and thirst for the spiritual.  It is our opportunity to show thirsting people how Christ will be revealed in the last day as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.  But don’t leave it there.  Tell them how the Lamb was born in Bethlehem to be sacrificed on Calvary that they be redeemed from their sin where they are by faith in Jesus the Lord, and dwell eternally with Him in Glory!

The Bible does say a great deal about the final days of this age as we know it now, but does not give any indication that it will be in 2012.  Be prepared though…it might be the day before, or the day after, or it might be today.

     Several years ago my heart was awakened to Bible prophecy and I realized that according to the Scriptures, and with the evidence of current events, the wonder of Jesus’ return really is very near.   I was absorbed in reading every book I could get my hands on that was helpful in explaining Revelation, Ezekiel, and Daniel.  But there was one story that I remember especially.  It seems that after D. L. Moody had preached to one of the huge crowds that had gathered as was common those days, a reporter asked  him, “What would you do if you really knew that Jesus was returning at the end of next week?”   Moody, without hesitation, said, “I would go home and plant some trees”. 

     When Jesus says to us, “Occupy until I come!” it is not a passive command.  He did not mean that we should just sit and watch our warts grow.  “Occupy” is in this case a military term.  We have victory over the enemy, and we are to, in the power of the Holy Spirit, “Hold the Fort”.  And by the way, if you don’t know you are living in Spiritual Warfare, you are probably a “wart watcher”.

Ken Bain

Are YOU 100% sure that YOU would go to HEAVEN if you died today?