kTb Ministries
Ken & Thurleen Bain

We are committed and diligent to assist, encourage, train, mentor, and support the local Indian church, modeling the discipling of believers to Christian Maturity.  Our great goal is to see the Indian church catch the vision of Acts 1:8 and “spin-off” additional New Testament churches.  It is a long term effort.

To maintain such a ministry is costly, both in the sacrifice of many months at a time away from home, family, and friends, as well as in monetary terms.  The heart of a missionary is to share Christ, and as much as possible to share resources with the dear desert people who have so little…and so little opportunity to improve their lot.

How are we FUNDED?

We have been blessed from the beginning to depend on the support of the friends of kTb Ministries who had heard from God.  They came from many sides of the diverse Kingdom of God.  We thank God for all of them.  They have joyfully shared sacrificially to help us to continue in the mission field. 

We are affiliated with the “Mission Service Corp” of the North American Mission Board.  That relationship has provided several benefits to our ministry even though it does not itself provide funding.  MSC provides our ministry accountability, credibility, and a pass-through service for tax deductable donations.

Be a “Missionary by Partnership”

At home, you can help fulfill the Great Commission. Join us in taking the Good News of Christ to Native Americans.

  • Be our prayer partners 
  • Contribute financially

Thank you for being a "Missionary by Partnership".  That's how we are funded.

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